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Motion-control software

Motion-control software

EASII: Precision Motion in Minutes, The Latest Elmo Application Studio is second-generation software that “walks users through” a machine’s motion-control implementation.

The Windows-based software shortens development time by providing fully automated configuration, tuning, and motion tools for field engineers. EASII unifies all machine communication, motion, and programming, regardless of servodrive and feedback types, the number of axes in motion, or which network is used. It also provides tools to streamline the implementation process.

Along with EASII, the company is also offering login access to its EASII Remote Practice System (EASII-RPS), allowing users to experience firsthand the automatic tuning and intuitive motion tools provided by the software. (The remote system will be released within the near future.)

The EASII Quick Tuning Wizard tool automatically performs expert motion testing and makes all required servodrive adjustments. After burn-in, EASII simplifies refining the entire motion-control process with features like network auto-configuration, automatic mechanical load adjustment, easy dual-loop tuning, and a range of advanced motion-control features.

Elmo Motion Control Inc., 42 Technology Way, Nashua, NH 03060, (603) 821-9979

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