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Software Review: Updated Hypertherm ProNest CAD/CAM Software

Software Review: Updated Hypertherm ProNest CAD/CAM Software

This window shows how a production module called OneClick automates tasks in a ProNest job — from automatic nesting to cropping to creating output and printing reports.

An update to Hypertherm’s ProNest CAD/CAM software is now available to make it easier for engineers fabricating or cutting metal to boost productivity and the quality of cuts in shipbuilding, manufacturing, automotive, and other applications.

The update is free to customers with a current ProNest subscription; simply login to the Knowledge Base at and download it.

• A scribe-text function lets designers add varied information to parts such as a heat number or customer ID. Plus designers can pick the font they want for marking parts.

• Tab enhancements for laser cutting that let designers use tab leadouts, size limits on tabbed profiles, and undertravel locks on start point “tab” leads.

The software also includes a module called Custom Remnants, which lets users enter dimensions of an irregular plate or remnant and then nest the geometry of other parts on that plate. A voluntary customer-experience program collects information about use to identify how ProNest can improve in the future.

ProNest integrated cutting software works with the company’s True Hole, True Bevel, and Rapid Part tools.

IntelliChoice nest tabs in ProNest 2015 (upper right) offer distinct displays, names, and material information. Nest tabs allow users to easily navigate and reorder nests in the job. Above, IntelliChoice automatic nesting lets operators minimize material waste with advanced mapping of available parts in a list. The flexible tool also lets designers choose between different nesting strategies, part sets, and nest regions.

Hypertherm also designs and manufactures handheld and mechanized plasma machines and consumables, fiber-laser and water-jet machines, and CNC motion and height controls.

Hypertherm Inc., 21 Great Hollow Rd., Hanover, N. H., (716) 434-3755


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