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From 32 to 8: We’re Coming Down to the Wire

Vote now and help choose the final four top engineering schools. And possibly win some prizes.

The second round of voting is over. Only eight schools are left in our Engineering University Bracket Challenge. Here’s how last week’s the head-to-head competition went:

In Group 1: Duke clobbered Virginia by 30 points and Texas A&M hammered Cornell by 40 points. So this week Cornell goes up against Texas A&M to win the Group 1 title.

In Group 2: Wisconsin destroyed MIT by over 35 votes. Didn’t any Beavers vote? And Georgia Tech just edged out Texas University by 10. So Wisconsin and Texas go head to head to claim title to Group 2 winner and head on to the final four.

In Group 3: Stanford easily trounced Iowa State by 24, and Illinois beat Cal Tech by about the same margin. This pits Stanford against Iowa for winner in Group 3 this week.

In Group 4: In practically mirror matches, Michigan beat Johns Hopkins by 52 and Purdue rolled over Northwestern by 52. So Michigan and Purdue will duke it out for the top slot in Group 4. Can Michigan spoil Purdue’s changes for a three-peat?

Click here to vote and get details on prizes both for voters and winning schools.

Engineering University Bracket Challenge - 8 teams Left from Informa Engage on Vimeo.

So far no predictions from anyone. So I’ll make one: Based on Purdue’s performance in the last two years, it seems a lock they’ll do it again.

Here’s the list of schools left in this year’s bracket competition.

Duke University

Georgia Tech

Illinois University

Michigan University

Purdue University

Stanford University

Texas A&M University

Wisconsin University

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