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Design Insights: The Cybersecurity Virus; Making the Best Connection

March 10, 2021
A review of the day’s top trends and news from Machine Design editors.

Design Insights is a new daily column recapping some of the trends and highlights from Machine Design editors.

The Cybersecurity Virus

The lessons of the pandemic have been far-reaching for individuals and companies. Sid Snitkin of ARC Advisory Group suggested in his blog this week that those lessons can be applied to the vexing issue of cybersecurity.

While viral epidemics and cyber-attacks are certainly different, they wreak havoc in similar ways. An unprotected entity is compromised and becomes the base for spreading the infection to connected entities,” Snitkin writes in the blog. “The impact on an individual entity may be minor or devastating but spreading raises the likelihood that some significant impact will occur. Efforts to manage the situation are also complicated when spreading occurs before the initial compromise is recognized.”

He notes there are four stages of defense that apply to viruses that affect humans or machines:

  • Reduce Entry
  • Limit Spread
  • Manage Infections
  • Reduce Future Threats

Recognizing the parallels between coronavirus and cybersecurity can help security teams drive better security in their organizations,” Snitkin adds. “Relating cybersecurity activities to similar coronavirus tactics can help garner more support for cybersecurity efforts and educate managers about the need for certain practices and investments.”

More On Cybersecurity

In our latest Video Insights conversation, Gonda Lamberink, global senior business development manager at UL, discusses the levels of cybersecurity within organizations and how to make it a greater priority. “What we see today,” Lamberink said, “is that the focus on whether you’ve put a digital lock on your door, so to speak.” She suggests there is a need to take a deeper look at software and system-level security.

Making the Best Connection

One of the most popular Machine Design features online is entitled, “What’s the Difference.” The latest entry in this series is a contribution from Sofia Sevastidou, global product manager at TE Connectivity, on the topic of identifying cordset options for automation sensors.

The proper connection is vital but she notes there are other considerations. “Systems continue to get smaller as miniaturization grows in popularity,” Sevastidou writes. “For space-saving reasons, there’s an increased need of components that are both small and help increase sensor accuracy and response time. That’s what makes M12 connectors a primary driver of IIoT and new machine design.”

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