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Aug. 9, 2021

SmartStage  XY

The SmartStage Linear is the first of its kind high performance stage where the motion controller, drive circuit and encoder are all built-in, reducing the overall motion footprint within the instrument. By embedding multiple cables and external electronics, the control is seamless, and performance-optimized for low noise.
  • Takes up 75% less space
  • Built-in controller, 3 phase servo drive, 5 nm resolution
  • Flexible communication supports RS-232, RS-485 and CAN
  • Cables reduced from 4 to 1
  • Reduces complexity, product development time and overall system cost
  • Improves instrument’s throughput with high-speed linear motor
  • 50-200 mm travel available, stackable for XY

Dover Motion

Z-Theta Dual-Motion Actuator

The Z-Theta dual-motion actuator offers linear and rotary point-to-point motion in a compact footprint, providing flexibility, value, durability and performance for lab automation, semiconductor and light factory automation applications. Unlike standard designs with multiple components requiring added engineering, vendors and assembly, Z-Theta is a modular bolt-in package that reduces complexity. Z-Theta’s configurable design features the patented ScrewRail linear actuator, combining guidance and linear transmission in a slender co-axial profile. A pair of stepper motors create rotary (theta) motion. The design reduces system size by 50% to 80% and cost by up to 60% compared to traditional approaches.

AMETEK Haydon Kerk Pittman

PGVA Pressure Vacuum Box

The Festo PGVA pressure vacuum box provides an all-in-one solution for generating regulated, filtered air for pressure and vacuum-controlled liquid dispensing systems. This innovative compact solution is installed on or inside an instrument to supply compressed air and vacuum for liquid handling. This is useful for laboratory automation solutions when compressed air is not available. For easy operation, PGVA can be controlled from any RS232, USB or Ethernet port. It features a compressor, proportional pressure/vacuum control, air filter, silencer, pressure/vacuum reservoirs, pressure sensor, switching valves, 24 V power supply and digital outlet for valve actuation, and all within an 8 in. × 3 in. × 8 in. housing.


Electrak LL Electric Actuator

Thomson Electrak LL actuators give linear motion designers new capabilities to deploy intelligent electric products for long-life operations in challenging environments. A brushless motor design enables up to 100% duty cycle and a ten-fold increase over standard travel distance. High ingress protection and wide temperature ratings maximize reliability in harsh environments. Designers can now leverage smart actuators in applications that previously required more complex and expensive configurations, such as battery-powered mobile devices and machines. The Electrak LL is ideal for lifting and positioning in mobile equipment; pantographs; door, hatch and valve control; pick, place and sort; material handling; and conveyor control.

Thomson Industries, Inc.

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