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Aug. 9, 2021

Tag-It Program

The Regal Tag-It program powered by Perceptiv intelligence is an asset management platform with functionality that enables users to view details on mechanical and electrical assets in operation and reduce redundant or obsolete inventory. Perceptiv wireless monitoring can also be added to watch critical assets at all times. A push of a button shows the equipment health, allowing users to be proactive with maintenance and replacements before there is unplanned downtime. The combination of hardware, software and humanware provides a new way for users to interact with Regal products and their equipment.

Regal Beloit

AWR Antenna on Package Sensor

TI’s family of pin-to-pin compatible 77 GHz/60 GHz single-chip radar sensors with integrated antenna-on -package (AOP) for near-field and in-cabin automotive applications are 25% smaller than non-AOP devices. Sensors can be added to space-constrained areas such as door handles and headlights for smart door openers and parking sensors and the vehicle pillars and overhead console to enable child-presence detection, seat belt reminders and gesture recognition. Unlike other sensors, AOP sensors have RF, digital processing and antenna elements integrated on a single chip sensor. A wide field of view enables 3D detection of objects inside and outside, even in snow or rain.

Texas Instruments

Cordis Electronic Flow Controllers

Clippard's new compact Cordis Flow Controller utilizes an extremely fast-reacting mems technology sensor upstream of Clippard's proportional electronic valve. Adding an optional DR-2 precision regulator for accurate and precise pressure control makes for a very small, compact package by eliminating the need for an external regulated supply. <50 ms response time, ≤25 mV resolution and IP65 housed. It features:

Compact size and weight

  • ≤14 in. H2O pressure drop
  • ≤25 mV resolution
  • Multiple low flow ranges
  • OEM style card unit or IP65 housed
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Clippard


    The SBV-01 is the first world safety motion device for industrial applications based on radar technology certified SIL2 PLd. It consists of a controller and from one to six sensors that monitor operator body presence both in access and in restart prevention, and even when the operator is standing still. Volumetric 3D detection and increased robustness allows for outdoor and harsh environment use. The field of view settings range is from 0.5 to 5 meters and includes up to four independent safety zones. It has Profisafe and OSSD connections available.


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