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IDEA! Awards: Big IDEA! Winner

Nov. 10, 2021

GMX-20DP Ultrasonic Metal Welder

The Branson GMX-20DP ultrasonic metal welder joins thin, fragile nonferrous foils and films (approx. 5-10 µm) in assemblies of 100-plus layers using higher downforce and lower weld energy (weld amplitude). Its unique “direct press” actuator delivers direct vertical downforce on parts (unlike typical cantilever-type actuators) for more consistent, yet gentle joining of more “energy dense” many-layered battery structures, while virtually eliminating the film/foil tearing and cracking that compromises battery assembly quality. The Branson GMX-20DP welder directly enables the development of lighter, more “energy-dense” battery cells and packs, capable of delivering more watt-hours of energy per unit of battery weight.


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