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Fluid Power Components Finalists

Aug. 15, 2022

NPT Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac

EXAIR’s 3 NPT Heavy Duty Threaded Line Vac is a powerful in-line conveyor that transports high volumes of material through ordinary pipe. Designed for rugged, industrial applications, it is made of a hardened alloy to prevent premature wear when transporting abrasive or heavy materials like garnet, glass, sand, tumbling media and metal fittings. They feature large throat diameters to convey more material over long vertical/horizontal lengths. Utilizing a pressure regulator, conveyance rates can be finely tuned for the application.

EXAIR Corporation

Aeroquip EC881 Dynamax Hose

Featuring patented DuraPulse inner tube technology, Aeroquip by Danfoss EC881 Dynamax two-wire braided hose delivers impressive lifecycle and high pressure and temperature tolerance. The hose outperforms standard EN857 type 2SC hose specifications with 35% higher pressure rating, 26% higher operating temperature, 8 times higher abrasion resistance, 1/3 SAE bend radius (50% more flexible) and 5 times more impulse life with a qualified 1 million impulse cycle performance. The hose can replace heavy, rigid four-wire spiral hose in certain applications.

Danfoss Power Solutions

Hägglunds Fusion Drive System

Hägglunds Fusion is designed to house the motor, pump and controls in the torque arm, allowing for a smaller footprint. Compact in design, the Fusion places the entire hydraulic drive system on the torque arm. No additional gearbox, foundation or external equipment is needed. With all components in one place, it is easy to install and maintain. The plug-and-play design provides maximum torque from zero speed along with built-in protection from torque peaks.

Bosch Rexroth/Hägglunds

NIV Series PEEK Media Isolation Valves

The NIV Series Media Isolation Valve is a solenoid-operated device that uses a flexible diaphragm to isolate the actuation mechanism from the fluid path. Isolation valves are commonly used for a wide variety of applications, including those that require precise, repeatable dispensing of media for analytical instrumentation. Industries and applications that commonly use these valves to isolate gas or liquid include drug dispensing, laboratory equipment, analytical, chemical analysis, sampling and life science/biotech, among others.


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