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IMTS Pavilions Provide Focused Knowledge

Sept. 9, 2022
From CAD to additive manufacturing, technology areas offer a variety of solutions.

The arrival of IMTS 2022 on Sept. 12-17 in Chicago brings suppliers and manufacturers together under one roof for the first time in four years. While the larger event will feature more than 1 million square feet of exhibits and presentations, IMTS also collects experts in a variety of specialties.

In a press release, IMTS officials noted the nine technology-focused areas that will be a part of the 2022 show:

Abrasive Machining/Sawing/Finishing – This area centers on applications that require high tolerance and precision surface finish. It includes the full range of grinding machines and saws plus honing, lapping and polishing equipment. See Pavilion floor plan.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) – The AM Pavilion steadily has grown at IMTS. Most of the world’s major AM machine manufacturers will attend, as will suppliers of materials and software suppliers. See Pavilion floor plan.

Controls & CAD-CAM – Custom software automation and the latest manufacturing software applications are on display in this pavilion. Beyond CNCs and CAD/CAM software, the pavilion includes automation management systems, software development systems and services, plus systems integration services. See Pavilion floor plan.

Fabricating & Lasers – See the latest technology in fabricating, laser and waterjet-based machining, along with displays of welding, metal treating and marking equipment. Exhibits will highlight in-process monitoring and multi-functional beam capabilities, as well as community collaboration on design, simulation, materials and quality. See Pavilion floor plan.

Gear Generation – Gears are still leveraging power in things ranging from precision medical devices to wind power. The pavilion will offer gear cutting, forming and finishing equipment, as well as broaching equipment. See Pavilion floor plan.

Machine Components/Cleaning/Environmental – On the plant operations side, this pavilion includes the parts to service and monitor your machines to the components necessary for safe and environmentally responsible operations. That includes things like ball screws, bearings and spindles, parts cleaning, air and liquid filtration, and plant maintenance equipment. See Pavilion floor plan.

Metal Removal – This is the largest of the IMTS pavilions, featuring makers of machining centers, turning centers, EDM and other special purpose machines. Data will be back in the spotlight as many technology builders will have product offerings with interconnectivity standards, like MTConnect, to provide the insight necessary to optimize today’s dynamic production floors. See Pavilion floor plan.

Quality Assurance – This area includes metrology equipment and systems to keep processes on track. It includes everything measurement such as CMMs, manual and automated gaging, tool monitoring systems, vision systems, testing equipment and measurement software. See Pavilion floor plan.

Tooling & Workholding Systems – Great tooling can make old machines better and enable new equipment to achieve optimum performance. The pavilion will feature the latest technology that will result in minimum setup time to and maximize machining time, including technologies such as cutting tools and clamping and fixturing systems. See Pavilion floor plan. 

For more information, see the full rundown at the IMTS Technology Pavilions page.

For more IMTS content, visit our coverage hub.

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