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A Dynamic, Connected Supply Chain

Sept. 7, 2023
A Machine Design webinar discussion with MxD CEO Berardino Baratta looks at how technology is strengthening the material handling industry.

As Pack Expo 2023 approaches, a good place to prepare for some of the issues to be discussed at the show is the recent Machine Design webinar A Dynamic, Connected Supply Chain. Sponsored by Fabco-Air, the webinar featured a discussion between Baratta and Bob Vavra, senior content director for Machine Design. Among the topics covered:

  • What’s the current state of the supply chain? How have manufacturers and suppliers addressed the systemic failures of the past two years?
  • How do technologies such as motion control, sensors and vision systems work together to deliver improved efficiency and pick accuracy on plant floors?
  • How do manufacturers better secure their supply chain data to ensure data flows smoothly and swiftly to improve productivity while minimizing the threat of cyberattacks?
  • What strategies should packaging and manufacturing teams employ to ensure greater efficiency—and what strategies most often get overlooked?

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