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Get your powder metallurgy on

June 6, 2013
Event in Chicago and comprehensive course on powder metallurgy

Nothing beats fresh education on a 19th century technology. In just a few weeks Metal Powders Industry Federation (MPIF), in association with American Powder Metallurgy Institute (AMPI), will host PowderMet 2013, an international conference on powder metallurgy and particulate materials.  I'll be there Tuesday through Thursday stalking some hot conference sessions like Additive Manufacturing—It's All About the Powder, and topics concerning magnesium and titanium. Note: The conference starts on Monday with a golf tournament, but unless they need an experienced beer-cart operator, you won't see me showing off my wicked slice.

In other powder-metallurgy news, MPIF will also host a basic powder metallurgy (PM) short course in Pennsylvania on August 12-14. They say 'short' but it's actually three days long.  The range of knowledge and experience required for the course seems diverse.  MPIF says the course is designed for people who are:

• Starting out in the field and looking for an introduction to PM
• Updating your knowledge of recent developments in PM
• Seeking to expand your current knowledge of the PM industry to enhance your advancement opportunities
• Specialized in one area of PM and looking to broaden your background in the field
• A user of PM parts or wish to be one

More information can be found here:

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