SourceESB: The Pipeline to Supplier Intelligence

Oct. 28, 2014
Finding reliable suppliers and good sources of quality components is a constant concern for design engineers, according to Machine Design’s current Salary Survey, which also takes a look at engineers’ attitudes and issues.
Christina Cavano is the director of Source ESB.

Finding reliable suppliers and good sources of quality components is a constant concern for design engineers, according to Machine Design’s current Salary Survey, which also takes a look at engineers’ attitudes and issues. Well here’s a set of tools and resources that will ease those concerns all neatly packages in SourceESB. To introduce this new resource, Christina Cavano, Director of Source ESB, answers some frequently asked questions about it.

What is SourceESB?

SourceESB is a reference guide and sourcing tool of electronic components for both the purchasing and design engineering audiences. The SourceESB print directory lists thousands of component manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. For over 30 years, its 10 regional directories in the U.S. and Canada have provided OEM and CEM buyers and engineers with the most accurate and comprehensive reference and sourcing tool available. All authorized distributors are verified directly by the manufacturer, as is all contact information for distributors. 

The same dependable information is also available online with the addition of inventory ( Over 10 million parts are updated on a daily basis. Users can search by part number to see who carries the part, the quantity in stock, and pricing and part trending information. To streamline the purchasing process, engineers and procurement professionals can use SourceESB to electronically submit RFQs to one or several distributors for a quick and easy solution.

How does it work?

Sourcing for parts and acquiring the latest information on SourceESB is relatively simple. Users have two options: search by part number or search by manufacturer name.

• Part number searches provide a list of results that include: manufacturer information such as part descriptions, data sheets, sample requests, and more. The list also contains distributor information such as distributor name, quantity, and authorization. At this point, users can contact a distributor by sending an RFQ or clicking the buy button which takes them directly to the distributor’s part-detail page.

• Manufacturer searches yield company information including locations, contacts, and a list of authorized and non-authorized distributors, services, and product categories. From here users can contact a distributor that carries the product(s) they are interested in or contact the manufacturer’s representative.

What are some of the major advantages of using SourceESB?

One major advantage would be the authorization by manufacturer for each distributor. In other words, a distributor’s line card will show what manufacturer lines they are authorized for and what manufacturers’ lines they are not. SourceESB also lets users filter results by company attributes such as ISO, woman-owned, minority-owned, and of course authorization.

Are there any upgrades planned?

The SourceESB site was redesigned in December 2013. Since then there have been several features added such as inventory trending by part number. SourceESB is in the process of rolling out several enhancements throughout 2014. The next one will display an authorization verification date for each distributor and the manufacturers they carry.

What industries seem to be using it most heavily?

We cover many industries such as Automotive, Communication Systems, Computers, Consumer Electronics, Medical Electronics, Semiconductors, Test and Measurement/Industrial Controls and Utility, but CEM/Contract Manufacturing and Aerospace, Aviation, Government are the heaviest users.  

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