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The MDTX Event is Coming into Full View

Aug. 28, 2018
We are gearing up our content lineup for the MDTX Fall 2018 event, bringing you the latest on engineering and the medical industry.

In planning the content lineup for the MDTX event, we here at Machine Design and Electronic Design thought about the engineering innovations that are creating new opportunities for medical device designers. We asked our attendees what they were looking for and the response was an overwhelming increased focus on engineering and technical content. As a result, we created new tracks that highlight the different engineering focuses within the medical device industry.

The DESIGN track will focus on the ins and outs of designing a medical device. Engineers will learn the new tools and innovations available to them. These tools include advances in computer-aided design and simulation, 3D printing for prototyping, and advanced electronics for the Internet of Things-enabled world:

  • Computer-aided design (CAD) and simulation
  • Proof of concepts
  • 3D printing for prototype

The DEVELOPMENT track helps engineers take their designs to the next step. Once they have completed their design, engineers need to visualize their design, create test plans, work with operational teams for production, and ensure their designs work within their targeted infrastructure:

  • Testing
  • Visualization with virtual/augmented reality
  • IoT deployment and working with data
  • Operations

When it comes time to build your device, engineers have several tools and resources at their disposal. The MANUFACTURING track will discuss the how to construct your medical device with the latest advancements in traditional machining and 3D printing. The track will also help engineers plan how best to lay out the manufacturing line, supply chain, and packaging for small to large-scale production:

  • Construction of devices with 3D printing and traditional manufacturing
  • How to organize your manufacturing line and plant
  • Supply chain and packaging

The medical device world is a heavily regulated one. The REGULATION track will provide engineers and manufacturers with knowledge on how to pass FDA and ISO guidelines and standards, integrate product improvements, and perform testing and verification: 

  • Passing FDA guidelines
  • Product improvements
  • Testing and verification

To help fill these tracks, we have selected sessions and workshops that focus on innovations within those fields. Some of the titles of the upcoming sessions include:

  • Medical Electronics—Special Design Considerations
  • The Sweetspot: Identifying When to Involve Manufacturing Partners
  • Cloud-based CAD—Simplify Compliance, Improve Collaboration, and Speed Up Production
  • Precision Metal Components Improve Connected Medical Device Performance
  • Is 3D Printing Viable for Large-Scale Manufacturing?

If you are interested in learning more about the medical device field, how to build a medical device, or how new tech innovations relate to medical device industry, I highly recommend you join us at MDTX this October in San Diego. Click here to learn more about the conference and to sign up. Hope to see you there!

MDTX Attendee Pass includes:

  • Welcome reception (complimentary light food)
  • Two full days of conference and expo
  • Eight presentations with 15-plus speakers, featuring deeper, richer technical and engineering content
  • “Innovation Burst” presentations showcasing the most innovative products and services
  • Two full days of exhibit hall access
  • Two keynotes
  • Our ice cream social, coffee, and snack breaks in the exhibit hall

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