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The 2018 ISHOW Winners Look to Change the Medical World

Sept. 11, 2018
The ASME ISHOW competition promotes social engineering and innovation to help better the world through technological advancements in health and medicine.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers looks once again to push the dreams of engineers forward by guiding and shaping their technology ideas through the 2018 Innovation Showcase (ISHOW) competition. The competition’s purpose is to help highlight products that will bring to market a social impact. ASME describes the goal of ISHOW as “hardware-led social innovation,” which is taking a physical product to market to solve a social or environmental problem by utilizing a sustainable business model.

The gallery will highlight different ISHOW entries within the field of medicine and how their inventions plan to change the future. Read below for more information on the competition and the U.S. finalists for 2018.

ISHOW Background and Requirements

The competitions are divided into three sections: the Americas, Kenya, and India. Anyone within the United States can apply to the competition. This year saw entries from South America as well. The entries must have an existing prototype and be interested in receiving financing, technical support, and access to industry networks that will assist in taking the products to market. Thirty finalists pitch to ASME-selected judges in person and receive product exposure, advice, and technical insights. Nine of the innovators (three from each competition division) will win a share of $500,000 in prizes, including an extensive design and engineering review by a panel of experts. The competition is curated into eight themes:

  • Water and sanitation
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Food and agriculture
  • Economic development
  • Community empowerment
  • Safety
  • Education

 “Their display of creativity and ingenuity, and that of their peers, fully embodies the spirit of ISHOW and exemplifies the potential of tomorrow’s engineering problem-solvers and social entrepreneurs,” noted Said Jahanmir, ASME president.

For more information about this year’s ISHOW participants and winners, click here.

Annie Braille Machine, 2018 Finalist

Annie, by Thinkerbell Labs, is an audio-tactile device that enables Braille self-learning and classroom teaching for the visually impaired. Follow @projectmudra.

Brun CG Fetal Heart Rate Monitor, 2018 Finalist

Brün CG is providing state-of-the-art fetal monitoring technology at a user acceptable price point. Along with the mobile application, it allows for recording, collecting, and sharing of fetal data with clinicians for timely interventions in the remotest of locations. Follow @brunhealth

EXG Buds

EXGbuds are compact, non-obtrusive, and ergonomic wearable earbuds that measure signals associated with human physiological gestures and generate useful commands to interact with the smart environment and IOT.

NeoVent, 2018 Finalist

NeoVent provides non-invasive, dual-pressure ventilator and its patent-pending design has only one moving piece. It is easy to use and does not require continuous electricity. It can be manufactured for less than $20 compared to traditional ventilators that cost 100 times more. Follow @aimtechhealth.


2018 Finalist, PointCheck is a chemotherapy that lowers neutrophil levels, which inhibits the body’s ability to fight infections. These infections can be avoided if low neutrophil levels are detected early. PointCheck is a non-invasive device that aids in early detection, thus decreasing instances of infection for chemotherapy patients. Follow @leuko.

Rubitect Assessment System

Rubitect provides caregivers a low-cost, easy-to-use tool to assess the health status of the skin. It accurately measures blanch response and erythema, the primary diagnostic cues of early-stage bedsore/pressure ulcer. It maintains sterility between patients and includes a mobile app to personalize patient care. It integrates with electronic health records systems. Follow @rubitection.

Sparsh, 2018 Finalist

Sparsh is a multi-parameter, portable, hand-held medical device that helps clinicians screen diabetic patients for symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

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