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Backtalk 5/24/2012

Vinyl records back in the groove

Remember those big 12-in. vinyl records that were popular from the 1950s to the 90s? Well they are alive and well. While digital music is here to stay, there are those who still want the old analog format.

In 2009, Vince Slusarz was interested in getting into the record-pressing business. He went to New Jersey and purchased all the equipment from Sun Plastics (aka Dynamic Sun). Vince teamed up with his friend and former coworker Dan Greathouse. Vince and Dan had over 30 years experience in plastics manufacturing and operations management.

Vince got the almost-extinct equipment up and running and Gotta Groove Records was born. The first records came off the lines in mid-August 2009, right around the anniversary of Thomas Edison’s invention of the phonograph (Aug.‘12, 1877). The company’s first order of 100 records took almost two weeks to complete. Today, that number has grown to 10,000 to 15,000 records/week.

GGR says it has used some technology and processes that have never been used on record-pressing equipment anywhere in the world. GGR’ is located in Tyler Village in downtown Cleveland-- the Rock & Roll capital of the world.

Michelin Man walks the walk

The has a lot of miles on his tires. He turned 113 last October and was inducted into Advertising Week’s Walk of Fame as “Icon of the Year.”

For over a century, he’s been the ambassador for the Michelin brand. In 1894, the Michelin’s founding brothers, Andre and Edouard, saw a stack of tires and said that with arms, “it would make a man.” Four years later, the character was born, appearing in Michelin posters to represent the company. Today, The Michelin Man — sometimes called ”Bibendum” — is one of the world’s most-recognized brand icons, representing mobility to millions of consumers in more than 150 countries.

“The Michelin Man is much more than an advertising icon,” says Don Byrd, vice president of marketing at Michelin North America. “He has become a global symbol of safety because of his longevity, his visibility among different audiences, and the values he represents.”

The Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame recognizes America’s most beloved advertising icons and slogans. The Michelin Man joins other iconic symbols, including Columbian coffee’s Juan Valdez and Geico’s gecko.

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