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Backtalk 7/8/2010

This plane never takes off
Costa Verde Hotel, in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, is offering a unique lodging experience: the Boeing 727 fuselage suite. Nestled on the edge of the National Park in the hotel’s Costa Verde II area, the 727 is perched on a 50-ft pedestal, offering guests a scenic ocean and jungle view from the plane’s hardwood deck, built on top of the plant’s former right wing.

The plane, salvaged piece by piece from its San Jose Airport resting place, was carefully transported on five, big-rig trucks to the jungle, where they were resurrected into the jumbo hotel suite.

The plane’s interior features Costa Rican teak paneling from the cockpit to the tail. Furnishings are hand-carved, teak furniture from Java, Indonesia. The suite features two air-conditioned bedrooms — one with two queen-sized beds and the other with one queen-sized bed, each with its own private bath — flat screen TV, a kitchenette, dining-area foyer, an ocean-view terrace, private entrance up a river-rock, spiral staircase; and 360° of surrounding gardens.

The creators were inspired by a Forbes Magazine article about a company offering hurricaneproof living in surplus Boeing 727 airframes.

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