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Bracket Challenge: Down to the Finals

It’s down to the last two engineering schools. Vote now and help us choose the winner.

It’s down to the last round in the Challenge, and Michigan and Wisconsin are going at it head to head. Current voting has the Wolverines ahead by 4 points, 54 to 48. With just a few days left, we’ll soon know the winner. So let’s take a look at how each college clawed its way into the finals.

Wisconsin started with an easy win over Colorado, 63 to 37. Then it took on powerhouse MIT and had a similarly easy win (69 to 31). Things got a little closer when it went on to beat Georgia Tech (567 to 43) and was crowned winners in Group 2. Then it beat Duke by the same margin in the semifinal (57 to 43).

Michigan started in Group 4 with a relatively easy victory over Clemson (66 to 34). Next, it slaughtered Johns Hopkins (76 to 24) and also easily got by Purdue, a two-time winner in this Challenge (58 to 42). This gave it the overall win for Group 4. In one of the closer matches, it bested Stanford in the semifinals.

Click here to vote and get details on prizes both for voters and the winning school.

Since I’m from Ohio, I have to go with Wisconsin, but Michigan has proven tough and did stop Purdue from three-peating.

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