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5 for Friday: IDEA Awards Nominations Open, a New Dimension in 3D Printing, a Video Tour of Hannover Messe

April 28, 2023
Machine Design takes a look at the past week, and a look ahead to the issues facing the design and manufacturing sector.

1. IDEA Awards Nominations Open

There’s been a surge in innovation over the past few years, fueled by changes in technology, in the way operations are managed and the way data is gathered and distributed. The 2023 IDEA Awards showcase that innovation, and also provides a great opportunity for suppliers and engineers alike. Suppliers now can nominate their innovations across 13 categories. In June, we’ll ask our readers to evaluate these entries and choose the ones they believe will deliver on that promise of innovation. If you have a new product that has performed well in your operation, let your supplier know to get those entries in now, because there’s an early-bird entry fee for this year’s IDEA Awards.

2. The New Dimensions in 3D Printing

I’ll be reporting this week from the RAPID+TCT Conference in Chicago, where the 3D printing industry comes to share the latest knowledge. In a new Machine Design article, Eric Utley of Protolabs takes a look at one of the more important uses for 3D printing: the reverse engineering and production of parts through additive manufacturing. Utley notes in his article that this strategy “has applications across industries, especially where parts cannot be sourced. Selecting the right production method gives way for design and manufacturing improvements.”

3. More on Customization

Additive manufacturing isn’t the only application for customized design: There is a large market for obsolete or discontinued parts in the electronics industry. From wire and cable assemblies to enclosures, the need for customization in a tight supply market requires flexible thinking. “A good electronics distributor partner has the expertise to re-engineer, build and test these needed components to extend the useful life of legacy systems,” said Cliff Ortmeyer of Newark in a Machine Design article. “Customization also is a good path for designers who lack expertise to retool their systems and don’t want to invest in the tooling and training to meet their product requirements.”

4. A Video Tour of Hannover Messe

There is too much to see and do at Hannover Messe each year, but we did our best to highlight some of this year’s top innovations. Before it gets too far in the rear-view mirror, here’s a video recap of a few of the more interesting innovations:

5. Heat Treatments for Steel

The value of heat treatments for steel have long been understood. What is less appreciated is the variety of ways steal can be treated to meet specific design goals. “Heat treatments let engineers and metallurgists tailor the properties of metal parts so that they are a better fit for specific applications. But to get the most out of these heat treatments, engineers should be familiar with their finer details,” a new Machine Design article notes. “But there are many different heat treatments, including quenching, tempering, aging, stress relieving and case hardening. To eliminate confusion, here’s a look at the most common ones, many of which involve steel.”

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