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A Skeptical Engineer
2019 Bracket Challenge

The Final Round of the Engineering Bracket Challenge is Happening Now

Round Four is in the books. It’s down to two teams and they’re fighting it out now. Take a side and vote.

The quarterfinals came to a close with a blowout and a squeaker in the Fourth Round of the Fourth Annual Engineering Bracket Challenge.

In the blowout, previous winners the Boilermakers of Purdue outran the other prior victors, the Badgers of Wisconsin (64% to 36%). And in a close one, the Rambling Wrecks of Georgia Tech beat the Virginia Tech Hokies by just 2% (51% to 49%)

Now it’s the finals and Georgia Tech faces off against Purdue. May the best school win. And to help pick that best school, please vote and earn a chance at some fabulous prizes. For details visit the website.

Machine Design and the Design Group showered gifts on several voters, proving that can at least be profitable to vote in our Bracket Competition: Matt H., Mark D., and Catrina F. won $50 Amazon Gift cards; Nick G. scored an Apple Watch; Jonathan K. won a Go Pro Here (smile!); and Anita G is taking home a Bose Headset. (Isn’t it odd all of our our winners have single-letter last names?)

This is your last chance, so make it count. Vote.

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