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MD Engineering Challenge Down to the Last Four

It’s time to vote and choose the final pair-up in the engineering school competition.

Results from the third round of voting have been tallied, and there were a couple of upsets as our field of 32 gets whittled down to four. So, let’s look at last week’s action:

In group one: Duke scored the biggest win (though not by much), walking away from Texas A&M by 20 points to claim the top spot in this group.

In group two: Wisconsin scored an upset over Georgia Tech, pushing the Ramblin' Wrecks to the curb by 14 points. Wisconsin’s got to be happy to come out on top of this group that held MIT, USC, Georgia Tech, and UCLA.

In group three: Stanford continued to roll, coming out 16 points ahead of Illinois. In group four: Michigan upset Purdue, two-time past winner in this Challenge, and which until this week looked like it was ready to win again. They managed a 16-point victory to claim the title in group 4.

So we come to the final four match-ups. Duke will take on Wisconsin, where Duke might have a slight edge. And on the other side of the brackets, Stanford will face off with Michigan. This will be the match-up to watch. Stanford seems to have the reputation, but it was Michigan that knocked off putative favorite, Purdue. I’d say that the winner of this head-to-head battle will be favored to win it all.

But feel free to disprove me (or to back me up): Click here to vote.

There are still plenty of prizes for voters. Just keep on voting—but only once per round.

Here’s the list of schools left in this year’s bracket competition.

Duke University

Stanford University

University of Michigan

University of Wisconsin

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