Meet our MDTX Speaker: Joe Dunne

The fall MDTX taking place in October will bring together medical device experts and the engineering industry to discuss the new innovations entering the medical field.

This upcoming October, Machine Design and Electronic Design will be hosting the 2nd Medical Device Technology Exchange (MDTX) in San Diego. The MDTX conference will bring together experts on medical devices and the medical engineering industry together to highlight the new technological innovations changing the industry. Our profile series will highlight our expert speakers that will be at MDTX. For more information on attending the event, visit the MDTX site.

Joe Dunne, Head of Developer Relations, Onshape

Who are you and what is your background in engineering and in the medical device industry?

My name is Joe Dunne and I am in charge of Developer Relations at Onshape. My background is in mechanical engineering. I am a 20-year veteran of SolidWorks and have worked in the 3D Mechanical CAD industry for total of almost 30 years. This includes ACAD, Computer Vision, SolidWorks, and now Onshape.

What is your conference topic and why is it important for the medical device industry?

Onshape represents the first major change to how engineers and designers work together building medical devices and equipment. It enables companies to work using agile workflows. It allows more iterations, less errors, and much more collaboration.

What is the biggest issue when designing a medical device?

The need to rapidly develop high-precision, high-quality devices and equipment. Seamlessly working with suppliers, extended team members and any stakeholders—especially those not physically co-located

What new technology, in your opinion, will change medical devices forever?

The ability to have a true master representation, one that all stakeholders reference. Complete control over who has access, a global view of project status. more iterations, better quality, better designs. New manufacturing techniques will allow for consolidation of components and optimized designs.

What’s the most important thing you can impart to the readersa teaser, if you willfor what they can expect to hear during your session at the MDTX event?

This will be an opportunity to learn how the design tools engineers and designers use have changed and to find out how Onshape can help them break through the barriers of traditional installed CAD.

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