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PCB Capabilities Roam the MDTX Show Floor

One of the companies that took part in the MDTX exhibition demonstrated how it can satisfy all types of printed-circuit-board requirements.

Held earlier this month in Del Mar, Calif., the 2018 Medical Device Technology Exchange (MDTX) conference and exhibition featured a variety of workshops and sessions that highlighted the latest in the world of medical technology. In addition, various companies participated in the exhibition, showcasing their technology to those who stopped by.

It goes without saying that printed-circuit-boards (PCBs) represent an important aspect of medical devices. And on that front, one of the companies that exhibited at MDTX was Royal Circuit Solutions. Located in Hollister, Calif., the company specializes in PCB manufacturing services. The firm’s Royal Flex Circuits division specializes in flex and rigid-flex PCBs. Royal Flex Circuits is located in Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

Founded in 1998, Royal Circuit Solutions currently operates from a 50,000-sq.-ft. facility in Hollister. Customers have the benefit of knowing that the company performs a comprehensive design for manufacturing (DFM) review of every PCB design to identify issues that could affect manufacturability. This service performs signal checks, plane checks, solder mask checks, silk screen checks, drill checks, and more. The service also allows customers to virtually see their designs before being manufactured.

Shown is a multi-layer flex circuit board, which is a combination of single and/or double-sided flex circuits laminated with adhesive onto a single and/or double-sided material.

In terms of capabilities, Royal Circuit Solutions can manufacture PCBs with as many as 40 layers. The company offers quick turnarounds—customers who order boards with up to six layers can receive them the following day if needed. Royal Circuit Solutions also provides customers with a large selection of laminate materials to choose from. In addition to FR-4, the company stocks material from Rogers, Taconic, Isola, and more.

Royal Circuit Solutions can satisfy advanced via-hole requirements, as blind, buried, via-in-pad, and filled vias can all be realized. A variety of finishes are offered, including hot air solder leveling (HASL), lead-free HASL, electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG), and others.

Additional capabilities include controlled impedance and dielectric. A complete list of capabilities can be viewed on the company’s website. Furthermore, the company’s operation is made possible by its large array of equipment for tooling, drilling, photo fabrication, and much more. The company’s services range from prototype and production PCBs to high-density circuit boards.

As mentioned, the company’s Royal Flex Circuits division specializes in flex and rigid-flex circuits. Royal Flex Circuits offers single-sided flex circuits boards, double-sided flex circuit boards, multi-layer flex circuit boards, and rigid-flex circuit boards. Customers include Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and many others.

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