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The Race is On: Round Two of the MD Bracket Challenge

Vote now and help choose the top engineering school…and possibly win some prizes yourself.

The first round of voting is complete and the field of 32 top-flight engineering schools has been winnowed down to 16. Here’s how the head-to-head competition went:

In group one: Virginia Tech beat UC Davis in a close contest. Duke ran away from Marquette by 20 points. Cornell ran away even faster from the University of Washington by 28 points. And Texas A&M got by the University of Pennsylvania.

In group two: MIT trounced USC by almost 50 points. The University of Wisconsin clobbered the University of Colorado by almost 30 points. Georgia Tech’s rambling wrecks ran over UCLA by 40 points, and Texas took NC State by 20. This could be an exciting round to watch in the next set of head-to-head matchups.

In group three: Stanford took out the slower Terrapins from the University of Maryland by 40 points. Iowa State beat Oregon in one of the closest races, surviving to the next round by just 4 points. And Illinois University (UC) got past Ohio State’s Buckeyes by 10 points. In group four: Johns Hopkins cooked Rice, winning by 10. Michigan eclipsed Rice by 32 points. Purdue ran away from Dartmouth by 54 points (but the Dartmouth Get-Out-The- Vote Parties were much more fun, according to a report from National Lampoon). And finally, Northwestern beat Auburn by 52 points.

Click here to vote. Anyone out there have any predictions as to who gets to the Final Four? To the Top? Will Purdue three-peat? Will MIT get the respect it thinks it deserves? And what happened to my school?

Here’s the list of schools left in this year’s bracket competition.

Cornell University

Duke University

Georgia TechIowa State University

John Hopkins University


Northwestern University

Penn State

Purdue University

Stanford University

Texas A&M University

University of Illinois

University of Michigan

University of Texas

University of Wisconsin

Virginia Tech

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