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B&R’s modular application (mapp) Technology sets the bar high for automation programming

B&R’s modular application (mapp) Technology sets the bar high for automation programming

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Not much has really changed about the software running industrial machinery over the past two decades. In the same time, there’s been a revolution in computer science, along with a corresponding rise in computer science graduates. But in the factories and distribution centers that use computers known as programmable logic (PLC) or automation controllers (PAC), it’s been largely status quo. The same can even be said for industrial robots, the icons of automation. Many new career opportunities exist designing, integrating, operating and maintaining systems ranging from factories to warehouses. But they are notoriously difficult to fill at a time when many of the most knowledgeable workers face retirement – and relatively few with the needed skills are entering the work force.

mapp Technology software is so sophisticated that it really is simple to program, change parameters and troubleshoot machinery. By embedding powerful software functionalities inside readily configured software objects, called Function Blocks according to the IEC 61131-3 standard, programming tasks are simplified and the time you spend on programming will be significantly reduced, allowing you to focus on the configuration of the tested, high performance software blocks. Plus plant level personnel don’t need to change code to troubleshoot or modify recipes.



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