Programmable logic controllers

Programmable logic controllers

The Vision130 family now includes flat-fascia Vision130 units, which are suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The units are IP66/IP65/NEMA-4X rated, and withstand spray/wipe-down applications. Models include: V130-J-B1, V130-J-TR20, V130-J-R34, V130-J-TR34, V130-J-TR6, V130-J-RA22, V130-J-TRA22, V130-J-T2, V130-J-T38, and V130-J-TA24.
The units support up to 256 I/O and include digital and analog inputs and outputs, high-speed I/O, PT100/thermocouple capabilities, and load cell for weight measurement. The I/O can mount locally or remotely, up to 1,000 m from the controller. The power-PLCs store recipes, and use Micro SD card memory for data logging, backup, and PLC cloning.
The LCD, 2.4-in., 128 × 64 pixel control panel supports over 1,024 user-designed screens with 400 images/application, a 20-key keypad, and can display trend graphs and a text string library. Internal memory holds 512K of application logic, plus 128K for fonts and 256K for images.
Unitronics Inc., 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02169, (866) 666-6033,

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