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2011: Off to a great start

2011: Off to a great start

We at Motion System Design send you warm wishes for a happy new year. What will this magazine offer you in 2011?

A chance to vote

In this very issue, the long-running and eagerly anticipated Better by Design department is announcing the Best by Design new product awards. If you want your opinion heard, just review the innovative components summarized on pages 34 and 35 (from those highlighted throughout 2010); then look over the products listed on 36 and 37, and rank your favorites from both lineups. Casting your vote is as simple as ticking your choices at, or emailing your picks to [email protected]. Winners will be announced this spring.

As always, technical refresher courses

Motion Scenarios, established last year, will continue in 2011 to detail the physics and engineering challenges of several motion subtypes, as well as the most common approaches and parts for addressing the Scenario at hand. Upcoming hoisting, grinding, and gripping articles may be of interest to you; check out January's Scenarios (integrated drilling) on page 30. MSD 101 and Brushing Up will also continue in 2011, along with the Design by Objective and Greengineering series — found in this issue on pages 28 and 32, respectively. Both articles showcase approaches to reduce waste and increase machine efficiency.

Community and free online reference materials

Archives dating back to 1993 have been fully restored and are readily available without registration at; the website has been improved for your convenience, so check it out. We also invite you to Like the magazine at If you prefer to receive technical primers in smaller doses, register to receive our popular Motion Monitor newsletter at We adhere to strict anti-spam policies, and resulting conversations about manufacturing and policies that affect industry are intelligent and helpful. For those of you with iPads and Blackberrys, we encourage you to visit and bookmark on your device; the mobile interface is seamless.

Technical research tailored to your needs

We welcome your comments and feedback: If you're interested in seeing coverage of a specific technical topic or motion technology in 2011, call or email us.

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