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Proactive versus reactive

I've worked as a control systems engineer for 34 years, servicing manufacturing installations in the U.S. I've also been over in Europe a few times and they have a different attitude towards their machinery. Here in the U.S., many companies do not want to upgrade or improve plant floor equipment, and instead try to get by with what they have, fixing what breaks. In other countries, it's the opposite approach: Break it before we have to fix it. Upgrades and improvements are the status quo, not the “oh no.”

This is a point of view from a professional who has been in more than 300 manufacturing plants across the U.S., from small Mom-and-Pop shops to the top Fortune 500 companies. Many former clients have been sold, moved, or have gone out of business. I have, however, noticed a slight improvement in the attitudes of some of the companies that are left.
Steve Rosenfeld

Tidy teens, thanks to 5S

In response to your March “In the Loop” editorial, Tidy Factories, I say good idea. Our office has implemented 5S, and when my teenage son worked at our plant, I taught him the 5Ss too. Now his bedroom is neat as a tack!
Bross246 via Disqus

No pesky registration for Brushing Up eBooks

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The following is in response to the article on John Wiegand, inventor of his namesake wire. Search Wiegand on

I was friends with one of John Wiegand's sons, also named John. Unfortunately, my friend John passed away several years ago, due to Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The Wiegands are a wonderful family, with a lot of class.
Truethr via Disqus

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