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Hasbro's BB-8 Teardown

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Although the Hasbro BB-8 needs to be assembled, the teardown begins from the assembled state.

H1 Take the head off… that was easy.
H2 Twist the hemispheres to the unlocked state. Take the drive assembly out.
H3 Open the battery compartment by unscrewing the single bolt. Open the door.
H4 I imagine the single battery on the side is due to balance.
H5 Remove batteries!
H6 Down four holes from this orientation are four screws. Remove.
H7 Here is where your warranty ends. Rip that sticker and it’s over. Let’s do that.
H8 Inside is a surprisingly simple PCB.
H9 Remove the speaker plug. Use a pair of needle nose plyers. Gently rock back and forth.
H12 The speaker will slide out of its place easily.
H13 Remove the side battery housing. Just lift up on it.
H15 The plastic piece that holds the motors in place is held down with four screws. Take those out.
H17 To take it all apart, both the battery holder and the PCB have a single wire to de-solder. Just touch the yellow wire point and remove.
H18 On the other side is a black wire. Do the same, tap it with a soldering iron and remove.
H19 Finally, tap the red wire on the battery holder and remove.
H20 The PCB can slip through the white motor bracket. The PCB is still attached to the motors.
H22 The PCB is still attached to the motors, as I said. I did not de-solder them, I wanted to keep that level of disassembly to a minimum. Gently lift up on the PCB and the motors will come out without disturbing the plastic gear that much.
H23 Removed!
H24 Gently grab the plastic gears with some tweezers or plyers. Do it for all gears.
H25 Using tweezers or plyers remove the main drive wheels.
H26 These are also not glued together, and disassemble into three parts.
H27 This orange piece looks like a plug to another feature not installed. It can be removed, but no need.
H28 The head is a small assembly too. Flip it over and take out the three screws.
H29 Using something flat like an exacto knife or an electronics pry tool, separate the top and the bottom.
H30 This exposed the flux-capacitor… just kidding. Take the central screw out inside the three armed spring. This is the piece that gives the head the ball-bearing like points. They do not roll, but slide on the surface.
H31 The orange piece here houses the head’s magnets. The piece is glued down. Since magnets do not fail, taking this off is unnecessary.
H32 Using the plyer’s tip or a screwdriver, pop the eye piece flanges out of the holes and remove.
H33 The fully disassembled Hasbro BB-8. More part in there than I was expecting. Follow this guide in reverse to reassemble.


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