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EPLAN: Towards a World of Integrated Engineering

The future of engineering is about lowering the walls between disciplines, enabling them to work collaboratively, even mechatronically, for better, faster outcomes at every stage. At the recent Hannover Fair, EPLAN Software & Services, the innovation driver in efficient engineering, previewed a new Cloud-based platform, Syngineer.

Syngineer enables synchronous collaboration among mechanical, electrical controls and PLC software engineers. The benefits include faster project turnaround, with fewer errors. This leads to a potentially better product since each engineer is able to clearly see and understand his or her colleagues’ intent and actions.

In other major developments, EPLAN also showcased new smart panel wiring capabilities coming with the next EPLAN Platform update. And the EPLAN Data Portal, previously reserved exclusively for EPLAN users, now can be accessed by all CAD system and ERP/PLM/PDM users. Designers working in CAD systems can now download graphical images in .dxf format.

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