A Closer Look at 2022’s Concept Cars

July 20, 2022
Judging by these automotive ideas on the drawing boards of carmakers, the roads of the near future will be filled with all-electric and electric hybrid vehicles.


Buick: King of the Concept Vehicle

How Long Will Cars Have Steering Wheels?

1,400-hp Mustang Shows What Electric Power Can Do

Canadian Concept Car Chock-full of Connected Technology

Auto companies have long used concept vehicles to gauge consumer interest in new features and styling directions their engineers and designers are working on. While some concept cars and trucks are previews of what a carmaker plans on putting into production in the next few years, many are exercises in changing technologies, features, and styling cues.

The current crop of concept vehicles, as shown in this gallery, all seem to explore the possibilities of what future electric vehicles will look like and what kind of performance they might have.

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