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10 IoT Solutions

See how people around the world are using the Internet of Things to solve real-world problems.

While the buzz surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to new products being released regularly at trade shows, this hasn’t often followed by real-world application. But companies are starting to find ways to apply IoT technology and case studies, and solutions are surfacing.

Roger Bou called out for such solutions more than four years ago when he started the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC). Held in Barcelona, the event focuses not just on talking about IoT and what it can do but actually presenting real-life solutions. And one of the ways in which the IoTSWC ensures visitors get first-hand experience with IoT solutions is through its testbeds.

Testbeds are experimentation platforms deployed and tested in an environment that resembles real world conditions. Each year 10 projects are selected that present an IoT solution. This year, the testbeds featured everything from worker and whale safety to productivity and scaling connectivity. They demonstrate new technologies to create new products and services, show how new technologies can be usefully deployed, fuel R&D ideas and opportunities, and generate an appreciable and measurable impact on new and existing markets.

The IoT Solutions World Congress is the only event featuring demonstrations of Industrial IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and Blockchain in action, in a visual, dynamic, and tangible way. The testbeds are strategically placed in the exhibition floor giving attendees the opportunity to experience the solutions. The following are just some of the real-world IoT solutions I found while attending the show.

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