ATEX Digital Valves Offers Safety, Reliability, and Remote Diagnostics

A new line of explosion-proof valves reduces downtime in 24/7 operations while also providing the highest level of safety.

Engineers at Moog have developed a line of explosion-proof (ATEX-certified) flow and flow/pressure control valves that handle from 19.8 gpm to 951 gpm and carry IP66 protection. The valves feature hot pluggable connectors that can be mated and unmated while powered, which reduces downtime during maintenance. The valves’ parameters can be changed on site or remotely, thanks to an electrically isolated fieldbus interface (CANopen, Profibus-DP, or EtherCAT).

The valves' control function can also be tuned during the machine-operating cycle by downloading them using the fieldbus or a high-level PLC program. The valves are also available without the fieldbus interface and they are controlled using analog inputs and there is a service connector for setting parameters. The valves also include self-diagnostics that continuously monitor a range of critical valve and system functions.

The valves come in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, and 2×2-way versions and withstand temperatures from −20 to 60°C. That temperature range can be extended to −40 to 80°C on request. Maximum operating pressure is 350 bar (5,000 psi).

The valve’s control electronics use a microprocessor-based system for executing all key functions via embedded software. This lets the valve adapt to a wide range of operating conditions while maintaining accuracy and repeatability. It also lets the valve maintain a high degree of optimization despite significant variations in pressure and temperature.

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