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(Image courtesy of Pleora Technologies).

Embedded Video Interface Eyes Medical and Industrial Imaging

A new embedded interface from Pleora Technologies is designed to deliver 1 Gbps GigE video to medical and industrial imaging systems. That makes it ideal for manufacturers trying to add higher bandwidth Ethernet video connectivity to products, the company said.

Pleora sells sensor interfaces for a wide range of imaging applications, including radiography and cargo screening using X-ray flat panel detectors (FPDs). The off-the-shelf hardware helps bypass costly and time-consuming in-house interface design, making it easier to deploy FPDs for new uses, according to Harry Page, Pleora's president.

The new interface, the iPORT NTx-Mini-S, converts data from cameras or other imaging devices to packets and sends it over a 1 Gbps GigE link to software or hardware. Data can be transferred up to 100 meters over standard Ethernet. The interface measures 43mm by 67mm by 5mm, making it a compact, drop-in solution, Pleora said.

“The X-ray FPD market is growing rapidly, with new applications including non-destructive testing, food inspection, infrastructure monitoring, and border point-of-entry security alongside expanding demand for imaging systems to diagnose and treat medical conditions,” Page said in a statement. 

Pleora also offers embedded interfaces that support GigE vision over NBASE-T. These products, the iPORT NTx-NBT25 and NTx-NBT50, support faster 2.5 and 5 Gbps image transfers over Cat5e cables. For even higher bandwidths, Pleora's CoreGEV-Tx10 FGPA IP Core supports data transfers up to 10 Gbps over standard Ethernet links.

The company's Mini and Core interfaces both work with its eBUS software development tool, which can be used to control GigE vision sensors and efficiently receive image streams.

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