Machine Design
Machine Design Was Live: IoT Emerge

Machine Design Was Live: IoT Emerge

Machine Design went live this week reviewing technology showcased at the IoT Emerge event in Chicago, November 2-4. IOT Emerge offered three days of keynote speakers, live tours of factories implementing the Internet of Things, technical sessions and workshops, hands-on training, and peer-to-peer networking with IoT professionals.

In the video below, Avnet engineer describes an app's tracking capabilities for diagnostics on a remote car. The car uses a propriety WiFi and Bluetooth module, a 9-axis sensor with 3 axes of acceleration, 3 axes of gyroscope, and 3 with digital information that is collected on the app. 

Next, a scanner from 3DPX uses proximity sensing to map out complex objects. It feeds the information to a program that turns the information into a 3D simulation.

Finally, RF Digital presents sensors that output information to its Simblee app (download for iOS or Android). The app can receive information from more than 100 RF sensors. 

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