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Pairing of Slip Ring and Rotary Union Enable Automaker’s Robot Arm to Turn Screws Precisely

March 21, 2024
A custom-designed robotic screwdriver turns plastic screws without stripping the fastener’s threads and keeps pace with the vehicle production line.
Universal Robots

Universal Robots Unveils UR30: Relief for Heavy Lifting

Nov. 30, 2023
The UR30 is a cobot that will lift heavy payloads while maintaining a compact footprint in a collaborative setting.
Universal Robots
Lifting box closeup and Anders Beck

Universal Robots’ Latest Cobot is Redesigned for Palletizing

July 22, 2022
The UR20 cobot has an all-new joint design that ensures faster cycle times and the ability to handle heavier payloads.
Universal Robots
End-effector gripping solution

Welding Cobots are the New Hired Guns

July 6, 2022
Automate 2022 had no shortage of examples demonstrating how cobots can curb the welding skills shortage.
Universal Robots
Universal Robots cobot

MODEX 2022: Let the Cobots Handle Repetitive Labor

March 24, 2022
Universal Robots will showcase its latest cobots at MODEX 2022.
Universal Robots
Kim Povlsen, with inset photo of UR robot arm

Teradyne Appoints Universal Robots President

Feb. 16, 2021
The robotics company announced Kim Povlsen will reinforce commitment to UR’s Danish origin.

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Boost Productivity and Stay Competitive with Collaborative Robots

March 11, 2024
Despite high automation in the automotive industry, opportunities for further growth persist. Collaborative robots optimize loading, inspection, and assembly. Universal Robots...

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The Cobot Expo

Incremental Automation with Cobots

Aug. 3, 2020
A virtual Universal Robots event highlighted how collaborative robotics can fill skills gap and gradual automation in manufacturing.
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A Bright Future Awaits Prospective Robotics Engineers

March 9, 2018
I recently spoke to the ASME students at Yale University to highlight how the robotics market is growing and what the industry’s future holds for their careers.