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Is the Engineering Profession Still a “Good” Job? (.PDF Download)

Aug. 22, 2018
Is the Engineering Profession Still a “Good” Job? (.PDF Download)

It’s time once again for Machine Design’s annual Salary and Career Survey. This year we are breaking down our report into a five-article series that will hone in on specific aspects of the engineering profession. Up first is job satisfaction and how engineers feel about their profession. We’ll highlight the good, the bad, and the ugly of engineering, and if engineers still think it’s all worth it.

The Engineer Profile

According to the Salary and Career Survey, our readers are predominantly white (83%) and male (95%), with an average age of 50. They are mainly located in the United States; 36% hold a Bachelor’s degree, while 26% have a Master’s. These numbers line up with larger demographics of the U.S. engineering workforce. Data USA reported that in 2016 the average workforce age was 44, with 78% of those surveyed being male and 86% white.

The average engineer, according to our survey, is a full-time employee who works 41 to 45 hours a week and earns $101,860 annually. The most common job title is design/project engineer (24%), followed by senior/chief/lead engineer (12%). The majority work within the research & development field along components and sub-assemblies.

Are Engineers Happy?

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