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Digital Manufacturing Plan Template

June 3, 2019
The attached template helps organizations assess options, and manage communications, when creating a digital manufacturing plan. It will help you identify problems and improvements in your plan, and help you document them.

Are you wondering where new technology fits into your application? The following download is a tool to show you how to build a digital manufacturing plan to ensure you follow value not hype. This downloadable template follows the Six Sigma DMADVV process, so you can answer who, what, where, when, and how when adopting new digital technologies.

Often industry looks for products to solve a problem they haven’t defined. This template helps lay out basic engineering fundamentals so when you start looking for solutions you’ll know how to identify products that will work well for your specific problems and goals. Don’t start by asking what is possible, use this template and find out what is valuable. Then you can define what is needed in a solution to make your application a success and separate hype from real solutions.  

Click the "Download" button below to access the PDF template.

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