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eBook: Metals: More Than Meets the Eye

Sept. 21, 2023
The changing world of material property use offers a deeper look into the make-up and flexibility of a foundational manufacturing element.

People have used metals for centuries as a means of barter, a demonstration of wealth and as a decorative enhancement of everything from fingers to fountains. Those are just superficial attributes, however; what gave metal its true value was its intrinsic strength and durability. Over time, more sophisticated allows were developed that enhanced those attributes.

Today, a new level of technology builds on metal’s fundamental value as the core of almost anything we choose to build. As this eBook demonstrates, new techniques in heat treating and welding are bringing metals together in exciting ways. We also look at steel, perhaps the most common metal alloy, and the ways it can be fine-tuned to pump up its strength or adapt to for flexibility.

And the modern use of metals has created new ways to better realize design ideas in structures previously impossible to create. The advancements in metallurgy have been welded together in ways that enhance strength, reduce weight and deliver flexible and unique solutions in industries ranging from aerospace to medical devices.

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