Elevating Design and Manufacturing: The Power of CAD/CAM and Engineering Software

Cutting-edge tools are expanding 3D printing processes, streamlining production, and enhancing design capabilities.
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eBook: Linear Motion Control Strategies

A compendium of technical articles from Machine Design and NB Corp.
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eBook: Metals: More Than Meets the Eye

The changing world of material property use offers a deeper look into the make-up and flexibility of a foundational manufacturing element.
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eBook: HMI/SCADA: The Democratization of Data

A compendium of technical articles from Automation World, Smart Industry, Processing, and Control Design.

eBook: Belts, Pulleys and Conveyors: Timing Is Everything!

As this eBook notes, innovation touches everything in the modern conveyor system—from the material composition of the belts and sprockets to the control systems that drive the...


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Machine Design Library - Free E-book

Your guide to making informed decisions when adding robotics to your manufacturing operations. DOWNLOAD NOW!
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eBook: Drones Outgrow Their Infancy

A compendium of articles from Machine Design and maxon precision motors.
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Beyond the Pandemic: Medical Device Design Innovation

As we take stock of the global landscape in a world no longer in the grip of pandemic crisis, we are finding rays of light. One of these lies in the rapid, successful merger of...
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Use Information to Protect Your Motors

Don't overlook motor protection—and its by-product, safety—when it comes to electric motors.

Robotics in Automation: Working Arm-in-Arm

This e-Book looks at the fundamentals of current and future trends for robot deployment, including how the data is being managed and funneled through the data pipeline as well...