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Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: This ship is a-sailing

Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: This ship is a-sailing

See the previous problem: Shell Shocker.

After 25 years sailing the high seas, Captain Smartypants has moored his pirate ship 560 m outside Safe Harbor. He has decided the pirate life is no longer for him and wants to retire on land.

He orders his shipmates to remove the pirate flag and swab the deck so when he enters the harbor, the people of Safe Harbor Village will know he means them no harm.

When the mayor of Safe Harbor sees the pirate ship in the bay, however, he thinks the city is under siege. He orders his troops ready for battle and aims the village's cannon at the unsuspecting ship.

The cannon, which sits at sea level, has a velocity of 82 m/sec.

At what angle must the cannon be elevated to hit the pirate ship?

Is Captain Smartypants' ship at a safe distance, or should he have his loyal deckmates hoist the anchor and sail on?

What is the closest distance Captain Smartypants can anchor his ship without getting blown to smithereens?

Think you have it? Check your answer.

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