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Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: Taste test

Fun with Fundamentals Puzzler: Taste test

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Fred and Frank, two of Manhattan's best table waiters, decided the time had come to launch out on their own. Along with the entire dishwashing crew, and in their honor, they opened DW's, a low-budget eatery with an upscale look specializing in cheap cuisine.

Frank put former dishmaster, Finagle J. Wurme, in charge of the kitchen, instructing him to copy the entire menu from the five-star restaurant from which they had all come.

On a particularly dull night, one of the high-tipping regulars from the former restaurant stopped in for a bite to eat. Fred knew the lady's order by heart, and informed Wurme that he needed to whip up a lemon cake. In calm composure, Wurme returned to the kitchen, closed the door, and flew into a panic. He was out of the 15% lemon flavoring the recipe called for, and he was oh-for-five on his attempts to make frosting.

If all Wurme could dig up was a 12 oz bottle of 60% lemon extract and a pitcher of 7% (by volume) lemonade, what was the final lemon concentration of the mixture if he added equal parts?

How much lemonade would he have needed to get the 12 oz of extract to the desired (15%) level?

Tune in June 6th when we'll post the solution.

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