Reliable Drive Systems for the New Age of Drone Technology

Oct. 25, 2021
Sponsored by maxon

What requirements do motors have to meet with regard to drones? The drones market requires reliable suppliers of high precision drives, who can guarantee high quality with regard to products, processes, and certification. The transition from brushed to brushless DC motors significantly improves efficiency. In addition, improved battery technology results in significantly longer flight time.

In most cases, you need high torque, high power density, vibration and temperature resistance, as well as durability. Another equally important aspect is the interaction with the electronics, i.e. the ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), and the right propellers.

How will drone technology develop in the future? AI (artificial intelligence) will play an major role in the navigation of drones. It will make human intervention superfluous and, in combination with miniaturization, offer interesting new fields of application. Examples include logistics and delivery services, as well as agriculture and industrial inspections. And last but not least, transport of people using drones will soon become reality – perhaps in as little as ten years.

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