White Papers


Wave Spring Tolerance and Load

Do you work with springs in your application? If so, this document offers insight into tolerance in spring rates for a widely used spring type. Helpful visual aids are included...

How to Specify Valve Manifolds in Automation Applications

Selecting valve manifolds reduces pneumatic components, simplifies online configuration, and streamlines ordering with a single part number, enhancing efficiency in selection ...

Hassle Free Installation - Elastomer Insert Couplings with Split Clamping Hubs

Precision elastomer insert couplings offer vibration damping, easy installation, zero backlash transmission, and electrical isolation. Fitting a wide range of applications, from...

Understanding PLC-Based Motion Control Technology

Learn the difference between stepper and servo motion.
High Tech 1540x800 V4

How to Choose the Right Cooling System for Your Specific Application

Learn how to choose an enclosure cooling method, product type, calculate cooling capacity and select other elements needed based on your enclosure parameters.

Precision Stampings for Renewable Energy Applications

Renewable energy continues to make up a growing share of electricity production, and many small components play a very large role in the reliability and efficiency of these operations...

Designer’s Guide to Precision Metal Stampings

From traditional, compound dies to more advanced progressive tooling, it is important to understand the various stamping operations and considerations when designing engineered...

Precision Stampings for Test and Measurement Instrumentation

Sourcing precise, reliable components for your test & measurement instrument designs requires as much attention to detail as you ask of the instruments themselves.

Lead Screw Assemblies: Convert Rotary Motion to Linear Motion

Plastic lead screw nuts are an alternative to ball screws for applications