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Advancing Precision Machined Gearing: Eliminate Premature Failures, Lubrication, Noise, and Vibration

Jan. 18, 2024
Uncover the potential of engineered polymers in precision gearing. This whitepaper dives into the material science and engineering behind quieter, more efficient, and more durable gear systems and showcases the advantages of lubrication-free gears.

This technical whitepaper presents a detailed examination of the use of advanced machined polymers in precision gear manufacturing. It addresses common issues in gear design, such as lubrication, noise, vibration, and wear, and how Intech polymer gears offer solutions typically only achieved in metals. The paper focuses on design considerations, including gear optimization calculations, tooth form modifications, and combining polymer and metal components to achieve high performance and longevity in gear systems. This resource is a comprehensive guide for engineers seeking innovative material solutions in gear design and overcoming the limitations of traditional metal and plastic gears.

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