Compact linear drive

The new CKL Compact Module has an integrated ironless linear motor that eliminates mechanical drive elements. It reportedly is zero-backlash drive that offers precise positioning, long life, high load capacity, and good rigidity.

Part of a family of high-performance linear modules, it is suitable for packaging and processing applications such as pick-and-place handling systems, feed units, loaders, and palletizers.

To simplify installation, the unit has preconfigured connections for power, measuring systems and hall sensor adaptors, as well as clamping fixtures with centering rings designed to fit with other linear modules and aluminum structural framing.

The module is available in lengths to 5,500 mm, offers travel velocities to 5 m/sec, and accelerations to 150 m/s2.

The CKL Compact Module is offered in several sizes and linear-motor configurations, and is available as a complete package, including drive controller, control system, and accessories such as digital or analog measuring systems, switches, sensors, power cabling trays and attachments.

Bosch Rexroth,

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