Precision piezo actuator

The PiezoMove family of motion-amplified, flexure-guided piezo linear actuators now includes the P-604. The 20 × 13 × 4-mm actuator provides a 300-µm travel range and is optimized for OEM-instrumentation applications in precision optics, life sciences, medical design, bio/nanotechnology, and microfluidics/nano dispensers.

Key to the P-604’s motion-amplifying flexure design is a multilayer piezo element that converts electrical energy into mechanical motion. These energy-efficient piezoceramic drives, with all-ceramic insulation, provide fast response, virtually unlimited positional resolution, humidity resistance, and operate at temperatures to 80°C.

The actuators feature frictionless flexure joints with integrated lever-motion amplifiers.

Physik Instrumente (PI), 16 Albert St., Auburn, MA 01501, (508) 832-3456,

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