Brazing machine

The Braze Mate 100LS is designed for medium-volume brazing and soldering applications or short runs of various parts. The two-station machine offers automatic, timed heat control with multiple torches attached to a retractable arm. The machine handles between 40 to 70 parts per hour.

Operators load a part into a stainless-steel fixture mounted to an 18-in.-diameter dial plate. Fusion-paste alloy is applied to the joint area with a handheld device. The operator manually rotates the dial 180° to a locked position, activating the heat cycle and positioning the burners in the heat zone. Oscillating burners eliminate “hot spots” at the assembly-joint area.

When the joining temperature is reached, the torches retract into idle position, followed by an air and water-cooling cycle. The operator then rotates the dial plate 180° to the load/unload station. During heating/cooling phase, a second fixture can be loaded and pasted.

Fusion Inc., 4658 E. 355th St., Willoughby, OH 44094, (440) 602-5510,

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