Digital CNC

Digital CNC

The TNC 620 control now offers features and software options that let users customize the CNC.
New functions include a DXF converter that lets users open DXF files directly on the TNC to extract contours, point patterns, or machining positions.  The control also comes with an HSCI interface which permits greater distance between components, high noise immunity, and simplified troubleshooting and installation.
When programming away from the machine, the TNC 620 automatically takes machine geometry into account, tilting the working plane, and conducting cylinder surface machining, 3D tool compensation, and fast execution through short block processing times, allowing it to handle complex operations.
The control also dynamically calculates and adapts to conditions through the use of new functions like crosstalk compensation, load-adaptive control, and  active chatter control.  
Heidenhain Corp., 333 E. State Pkwy., Schaumburg, IL  60173, (877) 887-6431,

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