Machine Design
Five-axis mill for mega-sized parts

Five-axis mill for mega-sized parts

The U5-3000 Universal Machining Center from MAG, Erlanger, Ky. (, is a five-axis, five-side contouring machine for accurately cutting complex parts out of aluminum and composites. It boasts 19.6 ft of X-axis travel and unlimited Z-axis travel (expandable in 12-ft increments), so it can handle large parts. The 40-hp spindle delivers up to 42 lb-ft of torque and spins at 15K rpm but can be upgraded to 20K or 24K rpm. The machine has rigid box-way roller-bearing rails and a dual-motor, rack-and-pinion X-axis drive for most movements and large thrust on long-travel cuts. Feed rates range up to 787 ipm, which speeds processing of large parts.

The five-axis head features a continuous C axis, which lets it keep the spindle in-cut without running out of C-axis travel or waiting for the C axis to unwind. Flood and through-spindle cooling keeps the cutting zone clear, but chip and coolant-collection subsystems are available.

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