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Magnetic Levitation to Elevate Independent-Cart Performance

Magnetic Levitation to Elevate Independent-Cart Performance

After acquiring MagneMotion Inc., a manufacturer of intelligent conveying systems, Rockwell Automation expects to advance automated conveyors and processing technologies into the next generation. Specifically, the company plans to incorporate the unique magnetic-levitation capabilities of MagneMotion conveyors into its iTRAK independent cart solutions.

Previously purchased in 2013 from Jacob Automation, iTRAK motion solutions apply magnetic propulsion techniques in automotive and general assembly, packaging, and material handling. By incorporating complementary MagnetMotion technologies into its product, Rockwell anticipates capabilities such as independent transfer of products between machines.

 “MagneMotion expands our existing capabilities in independent cart technology,” says Marco Wishart, vice president and general manager of Rockwell Automation’s motion control business. “This acquisition continues our strategy to build a portfolio of smart manufacturing technologies that brings next-generation performance to our customers today.”

“As the market continues to realize the benefits of applying independent cart technology, Rockwell Automation’s global organization will be a tremendous asset,” says Todd Weber, president and CEO of MagneMotion.

MagneMotion’s integration into the Architecture & Software segment of Rockwell Automation’s motion business will likely be completed by the end of this quarter. 

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